Teacher Required

  • The teacher will be responsible for presenting and explaining learning materials and educating students.
  • The teacher will communicate their subject matter by using lectures, printed, visual, audio and/or video materials. They must create curriculum and form daily lesson plans, and prepare all lesson materials. 
  • In class, teachers may lecture on a specific subject and/or assign work, projects, and tests to help build knowledge and assess the students’ overall performance in a class.
  • The teacher will also be responsible for maintaining and managing their classrooms and take disciplinary action when needed.
  • In order to educate their class and ensure success, teachers should maintain a positive attitude, be energetic about the subjects they teach, and share a passion for learning themselves.

Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

  • Cultivate a hunger for knowledge among students and engage them to learn
  • Encourage curiosity and continued improvement
  • Help set goals for students and work with the class to help them attain these goals
  • Keep an organized and orderly classroom that promotes creativity and learning
  • Plan curriculum for the school year
  • Create and prepare daily lesson plans for appropriate age and learning skill level, making adjustments when needed
  • Create and/or print out instructional material for classroom use
  • Lead daily lesson plans, teaching the intended subject matter and answering any questions the students may have
  • Keep track of role and ensure students are attending and participating in class
  • Assign work by means of in-class worksheets, projects, homework, presentations, reports, etc.
  • Assess performance by grading work and giving tests
  • Keep grading book and submit at end of each term
  • Help students one-on-one who need extra assistance
  • Enforce administration and school-wide policies
  • Set classroom rules and expectations
  • Discipline students (according to school policy) when necessary
  • Be active in the school community and events
  • Participate in teaching training sessions and stay up to date with current teaching methods, practices and any new knowledge in your field
  • Set up and lead teacher/parent student-assessment conferences

Teacher Requirements and Qualifications

  • Graduate or Post-Graduate with B.Ed or D.El.Ed (for primary teachers)
  • A compassionate and confident leader
  • Very strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Clear, consistent and respectful communicator
  • Attentive listener
  • Creative and able to create a fun learning environment
  • High level of patience 
  • Keeps a positive attitude and can control emotions
  • Efficient time management
  • Ability to take on many tasks at once and prioritize them by importance and relevance
  • Good at problem-solving quickly under pressure
  • Excellent collaborator
  • Strong disciplinarian
  • Outstanding critical thinking abilities
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Good classroom management
  • Proficient in the subject(s) you will be teaching
  • Relevant experience (student teaching)
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite
  • Upstanding ethics and integrity
  • A passion for learning and sharing your knowledge with others

Candidates may apply with a detailed CV along with a covering letter. Applications should reach the office of Hope Academy, Naga United Village, Dimapur, Nagaland or E-mail to hopeacademy2007@gmail.com

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