Evlogia Teleti 2020-21

“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” – Confucius

As we celebrated the EVLOGIA TELETI meaning Celebrating Blessings, bidding farewell to the Grade 10 batch of 2020-21, we look back to cherish
how this batch of students have drawn an extraordinary and exceptional impact on the Hope Academy Family.

The Grade 10 batch of 2020-21 has been a roller coaster of both chaos and blessings as they experienced the first pandemic, embraced the first online mode of learning, and even losing loved ones and a dear classmate.
A batch where most of them have grown in the academy since Kindergarten, muddling and striving towards excellence and becoming a family, building lifetime camaraderie and friendship amongst them and the Academy.
This was a tremendous batch of competent students who were not only proficient in their academics but equally skillful in other co-curricular
activities especially sports and creating chaos in the classroom.

As their Class Teacher Miss Papiya would say, “Your class was the only class where both boys and girls were rowdy, where teachers find football instead of books, where bookshelves were never organized, where tears rolled down with emotions and anger when they were divided into sections, and the only class with several complaints from teachers!“, this was a batch that rocked the environment of the school both with their active naughtiness as well as their academic excellence.

Miss Ashi began the event by mentioning how blessed we all are to be experiencing and weathering this historical pandemic and life’s transitions and transformation.

The outgoing students shared their gratitude to the administration, faculty, and staff, and the junior and senior students for being a part of their journey of pursuing proficiency in their academic progress.

Our Principal Madam Sashila Ozukum exhorted the outgoing students never to forget the strong bond of friendship they have built amongst themselves
over the years and to keep God at the center of their lives as they embark on their new journey and adventure of exploring their further studies where some of them are moving to other institutions.

She expressed how most of them as kindergartners have grown up as her own children and to see them achieving excellence is a pride and joy for her and the school. Furthermore reminding the students to be Alumni of the Academy and grow up to be responsible citizens of the society.

We sincerely remembered and gave honor to our Dear Andre who bid us goodbye to be in Heaven; with tears and heartbreaks, everyone recalled how
Andre was “the light and joy” of the Hope Academy family, especially for the Grade 10 batch.

A heart-touching moment of pouring out love and affection for Andre was felt amid Evlogia Teleti; a moment that would stay forever in the catalogs
of Hope Academy.

The event was marked by benediction by our School Manager, Sir. Wapang, blessing the students with prayer.


(Report by : Miss Kilentola)

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