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Melomania 2019

The most awaited competition of the year, Inter-School Rock Band Competition ‘Melomania 2019’ held on 17 August 2019 at IMC hall was organized by Hope Academy and sponsored by White Hope Society to promote excellence in music. ‘Melomania’ is a dream project of Mrs. Sashizungla Ao, Founder & Principal of Hope Academy Dimapur and Mr. Purkumzuk, Head Music Teacher of Hope Academy.

People from Nagaland are gifted in the sphere of music. It’s not uncommon to notice that from an early age. People from Nagaland are made for music – “It’s in our blood, it’s in our genes”.

There are lots of young musicians in Nagaland, but they are not getting the platform to showcase their talent. So, Melomania 2019 was organized to recognize and promote the unique talents of school students in the field of music and this event will be organized every year.

Apart from the promotion of Music and the many benefits it brings, we believe that this event will also bring educational benefits, such as an incentive for hard work, a standard for performance and a good social education. 

The total prize money of ‘Melomania 2019’ was Rs.1,08,000/- which will increase in the future. The break up of prize money were as follow:

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-Drama- Wizard of Oz (2015)

The Wizard of Oz (2015)

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Teacher’s Day 2019

Teachers day was celebrated on the 5th of September as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by teachers.
Following the traditions of the school, Grade 9 students took the initiative in organising and celebrating this day.
A red carpet event was arranged with the theme "Dress to Impress".

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Student of the Year Award 2018-19

The “Student of the Year Award 2018-19” is awarded to the best student of each class who is the best academic performer of the year.

The key objectives of this award are to :
1. acknowledge and promote student academic excellence
2. provide formal recognition of student achievements
3. increase the visibility of student excellence and motivate other students to perform better thereby upgrading standards of excellence and achievement.

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Investiture Ceremony 2019

The investiture ceremony of Hope Academy for the session 2019-20 was a special occasion where the newly appointed  School Captain Miss Vinino Nagi with her team of House Captains and Vice Captains, were ushered to don the mantle of responsibility and to carry out with utmost dedication.

The Student Body Council took the pledge to keep the school motto "Strive for the Highest" in high esteem and fulfill their duty with utmost sincerity.

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