“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

Margaret Mead

At the elementary school level, the minds of children are molded early so that they can learn more about how to be independent. Children learn how to write and read. Children develop their, social, emotional, cultural and physical skills.

Our goal is to develop strong study habits, embrace learning and to value education in general. We believe that high-quality education for every child is built on the foundation of a safe and joyful learning.

 We equip our students with the necessary skills and confidence. We engage our students in academics, activities and atheletics so that students can explore the opprotunities and realise their potential.

Attention All Parents! Please pay your fees By the 15th of every month to avoid late fine penalty.             NEW FEATURE: You can now pay fees online – CLICK on the Menu. Hope Academy congratulates  all the successful  students of grade 10 for excelling in the AISSE 2019-2020 examination. TEMSUIENLA JAMIR 93%,  CHONPEM J LONGLENG 92.4 %,  NEIKETOUNO MEDOM 90%,  LIMAYALA AIER 89.2%,  VIKRINO KUOTSU 89%,  AKITOLI SEMA 87.2%,  VININO NAGI 87%,  FOCHUNGNARO JAMIR 86.8 %,  IMKUMNARO LEMTUR 85.5 %,  IMTICHILA JAMIR 85 %,    SUNGTINARO JAMIR 83.8%,  IMOTILA YADEN 82.8 %,  MILLICENT AYEMI 82.4 %,  CHINGLING DANGOI CHENTH 80.4 %,  IMTIYALA YADEN 79 %,  OJENTILA  LEMTUR 78.8 %,  ALEMSOLA WALLING 77.6 %,  PURSANEN JAMIR 74.8 %,  ​AKITO  A AYEMI 74.6 %,  ATELE DISWANG 74 %

News & Updates

Principal Hope Academy Congratulates Grade 10 (2019-2020) Batch (Auteurs)

Madam Sashi Principal, hope Academy My dear Auteurs ( Gd10 2019-2020 batch ) Congratulations !!! The fact ...

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Congratulations to the Students of Grade 10 (2019-2020)

Congratulations to our first batch of Grade 10 for excelling in the first examination ...

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Visit to Silver Line’s Academy 2019

Hope Academy students of Grade 9 were privileged to get an opportunity to visit ...

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A Visit to an Orphanage Home 2019

On the morning of the 26th of September 2019, Grade 10 students of Hope ...

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Admission For Class XI Now Open

Be a part of an education system that strives for academic excellence and character education. We help students foster empathy, creativity, critical thinking, effective communication and collaboration.

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